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Firs Lodge test run

In mid June the Lodge had its first inhabitants, when some friends of ours needed somewhere to stay for a week prior to emigrating to Australia.

Quite apart from us being happy to be in a position to oblige, it was good to be able to test run the new build and find out if there were any snags. Happily, apart from a couple of minor teething troubles and forgetting to supply some of the basics such as soap & sugar, the Lodge proved very comfortable for Anne & Darren and the three children, and despite a whirlwind of family visits over the week, they finally arrived at the Quantas checkin desk in good shape. They are now well settled in their new home in Oz, and the Lodge is ready for its next set of guests. It was sweet to find one of the kids paper aeroplanes when we were tidying up  – complete with Quantas markings, it had flown up to the top of the balcony shelf , out of sight until now!