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Wedding Parties enjoy Firs Lodge

It has been noticeable over recent months that many of our guests are visiting the Stockbridge area to attend a wedding somewhere in the locality. We have welcomed wedding parties from all over the country, and indeed, a number of overseas visitors too. It has been wonderful to see the range and style of celebrations that our guests have prepared for, and set off from the Lodge to enjoy.

Five Wedding Parties have been based at Firs Lodge during 2013

Five Wedding Parties have been based at Firs Lodge Stockbrige during 2013


It has been fun as well to help out with those little last minute things that even the best prepared wedding parties can overlook, whether sorting out a local contact for last minute clothing or hairdressing emergencies, right through to the arrival of unexpected extra guests  – which, thanks to the flexible accommodation in Firs Lodge, means that such problems are easily overcome. So, something we had not anticipated is that one aspect of the scope that the Lodge has to cater for a whole family, so that guests from outside the area coming in to attend a wedding are able to have a home from home which allows them to relax and get ready for the big day in whatever way they prefer. It also allows then to recover in what ever way they prefer, so if we have one word of advice gained from experience so far, perhaps allow for one extra day at the end of the party weekend……..